How to Properly Choose a Pet Sitting Service

There are different options that are available about where you could place your pets. Common options that are available would be in a boarding kennel, staying them at someone’s house or have them looked after in your home. Due to the wide choice of service that’s made available, in can be confusing which of them is one that’s best.


What you need to do before you leave your pet to other people’s responsibility is to ask yourself some questions first. Some questions to ask yourself would be:

What you should consider?

How qualified is the service provider?

What animals they are good in taking care with?

How do they deal with sudden sickness or accidents to your pet?

Are they able to understand animals well?

Do Checks on their License

When you plan on leaving your pet to a pet sitting service, you should consider knowing what level of competency and knowledge they possess. When you are planning to leave your pet to a pet sitting service, see to it that they possess a license from your local authorities. See to it that you do checks on their license about the number of animals that they are authorized with because it will serve as your protection. There’s going to be an officer who will be sent out to their office who will check whether they fit with the accreditation and if they are fit to be granted with a license.

In-Home Care

There’s another part of the pet sitting service where a person will look after your pet in your home while you are away. There are some people who usually thinks that this is an unregulated profession, which means that anyone could set up such business. They however found ways as to how they can provide people a peace of mind through having training, qualifications and checked fully by the CRB as well as in providing references. Such pet care actually is ideal when your pet could not cope well on being left on a different environment.

Insurance Check

You must see to it that whoever will look after your pet comes with a specialist insurance that will cover public liability and liability to animals in their care and property damage.

When choosing a pet sitting service, it is very important that you should introduce the pet sitter first with your pet and they need to be aware on the feeding and exercise regime of your pet as well as to ask them about the important contacts and the number of your pet’s vet.

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