Instant Drug Testing For Fast Results

There are many ways to conduct drug testing these days and these methods are used to effectively conduct tests on schools, offices and government agencies. If you want to submit for drug testing, you can do so in various methods available such as hair follicle test, urine test and panel quick tests. However, these methods are only used for lab-based drug testing.

But it is not only lab-based testing that is available these days because there are also instant blood testing which is more advantageous. Lab-based drug testing is typically used in applying for a job or getting a driver’s license but for those instances where the testing is urgent and fast results are necessary, instant drug testing is usually made.

Instant drug testing is different from lab-based drug testing in so many ways because it immediately shows the results only minutes after the drug testing is conducted. Because it is fast in producing the results from the drug tests, instant drug tests are ideal for schools who wish to assess ther students as soon as possible and for companies who wish to know which among their employees are using drugs.

If you are to take instant drug testing, you will have to urinate in a cup and the administrator will dip a test card in your urine. After less than five minutes, the result will usually come off but most administrators usually wait for about 5 to 8 minutes to make sure the results are accurate. Instant drug testing is widely used around the world these days because of its 99% accuracy as compared to other alternatives.

Instant drug testing is way faster than lab-based drug testing because you wouldn’t have to send your urine to a laboratory for testing anymore. Because it is fast in showing results, many companies use this method to immediately decide on an employee who is proven to be a drug user. For schools who also need to instantly find out who among their students are drug users, this method is also very effective most especially because you can test several students and get accurate results all at the same time.

However, no matter how beneficial instant drug tests can be, the results you get from them can never be used as evidence in court. This is because the judicial system is not open to considering the results from instant drug tests yet. But if you want a better solution for an aforehand court proceeding, you can always go for split screening.

With split screening, you can do instant drug test now and save some of the sample for a lab test afterwards. This way, you can double check the results for more accurate evidences.

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