Feeding on Healthy Snacks

It is easy to get something to eat from various retail stores that have ready to eat food items and also the food stores that can be found in most places. Jerky is such a delicacy whose name has been derived to mean that it is salty and dried meat hence it is a ready to eat food. Fat is usually removed from the meat since it does not dry during jerky preparation then cutting the lean meat into thin strips that are to be dried. Before the meat strips are dried, salt is usually applied on them to keep off bacteria that would spoil the meat in the traditional method of jerky preparation.

In the modern world, other than salt being used, the meat strip is usually marinated in a spice rub or liquid that has been seasoned. The margination of the meat strips is usually done prior to drying, dehydration or smoking under low temperature heat. There are other manufacturers of jerky that do not use meat strips but they grind the meat into fine particles that are then mixed with the given seasonings and then the meat paste pressed into flat shapes before drying. A long shelf life for jerky can be achieved by ensuring that the ratio of then protein to moisture content is correct. Jerky can be prepared from so many different types of meat including meat from domestic animals such as pork, beef, mutton, and goat, some wild animals’ meat such as deer and kangaroo and other animals such as turkey, salmon, crocodile, camel, ostrich and others.

Ready to eat jerky is available from a variety of stores including the beef, pork and turkey jerky which can be obtain from divine bovine store. There are various things that one can look out for when purchasing jerky so that one can make a good choice of the one to take. Texture of the jerky is considered by those people who have a specification of the texture they need the jerky to be to enjoy the snack and it can either be drier and tougher jerky or tender and soft jerky. Flavor of the jerky is another common thing that most people look out for and can either be sweet, basic, hot or savory flavors.

One can experience several benefits from consuming jerky snack more so to the health conscious individuals. Jerky is a good source of protein and the protein content is enhanced since the fats and moisture have been removed during preparation and also the source of the lean meat used. Health conscious individuals may consume naturally prepared jerky that has no added preservatives such as sodium nitrite. Jerky which is considered as a healthy snack can be obtained easily at one’s convenience.

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