Hybrid mattresses are a combination of different types of memory foam and other components. Some, for example, have coils, while others may have pockets of air or water incorporated into the design. The concept of combining materials is to increase comfort, support, motion isolation, and durability. Building the product in layers allows manufacturers to strategically utilize the strengths and benefits of each materials and develop a competitive edge for the company.


Regular hybrids are composed of three to five layers of materials. The dream cloud luxury hybrid has eight layers and is fifteen inches high. Coils, latex foam, memory foam, and cashmere are combined, along with excellent edge support technology, to create affordable sleeping luxury and exceptional support.

Online Mattress Purchases

The newest generation of mattresses are more affordable than traditional memory foam models sold in retail and furniture because they are only available online. Pricing is lower, and the mattress is shipped in a box to further reduce costs. The trade-off is that customers have no way to try out the product before buying. They can read reviews on this post and discover features on the manufacturer website but knowing how well the mattress will support each body has to be determined when the mattress arrives at the home.

The Solution

Manufacturers offer risk-free sleep trials for products as a solution to this problem. The length of trials offered varies greatly so customers need to pay attention to when the trial ends. Some are for a few as thirty-days, while others include a three-hundred and sixty-five-day trial. Warranties will also differ. The standard is ten-years. High-quality mattresses will come with a lifetime warranty.

Comparing the materials, number of layers, length of the trial, and the warranty are a few ways to narrow down the possibilities from the multiple options of online mattresses. There are also websites that provide information and guides to help select mattresses. Be aware of any affiliations the site may have with manufacturers or online shopping avenues. That information is typically found in the terms and conditions section, or is obvious in the advertisements and content of articles and reviews.