Crochet Patterns of Crazy Socks

Crazy socks are usually referred to many people as happy socks. They are these socks that do have different and unique patterns and more than one color. These design is what makes them stand out from the other socks types. Research has proved that crazy socks have got a psychological effect on human beings mainly provoked by the patterns and also colors used. This is what has led to the mass production of crazy socks for the past three decades. Crazy socks are also very important in telling you more about a particular person. This is also determined by the color and patterns of the socks that they wear or love. The most common ones are the crochet crazy socks that are mostly done by people who love knitting and crochet. The following are some of the examples of crazy socks crochet patterns that are available in the market today.

The basic toe-up free pattern is the first and most common one. This pattern was introduced by a well known designer known as Nicole Cormier to be used mainly by beginners. To be able to bring out the design in this pattern, you should use as many colors as possible. You will start by simply knitting and crocheting with one color then move to the next in a uniform pattern. It will come out as linier color of patterns when you finish it. You should just consider using brighter or happier colors to make it more attractive to the eye.

Another one is step by step free crochet pattern. This is a more advanced crochet practice that is done by fingering a weight yarn and a size D crochet hook. They are mainly done using the two primary crochet patterns that are very simple. The single crochet and double crochet which goes along with the slightly more complex front post of double crochet stitch are some of the examples. Another alternative that you can get to use is the shell stitch. This gives the socks a crazy pattern that is achieved by using two different colors that can complement each other.

Cabled crochet free pattern is another crazy socks pattern idea. It is done by simply incorporating crochet cables making it very good idea for those who love knitting and crocheting. This is attained by fingering weight yarn and a size B crochet hook. This gives the socks a much warmer look and a traditional touch. It is very good in making sleeping or winter socks because they tend to be extra warm. They are available from a range of two colors depending on what you want. In addition it earns the socks a unique and smooth texture.

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